Hemp Investment is a group specializing in the establishment and management of hemp plantations and the processing industry, wholesale and retail sales and research and development - in short: we love and deal with hemp to the full extent! Jesteśmy zaangażowani w promowanie rewolucji przemysłowej obejmującej cały łańcuch dostaw konopi przemysłowych.

W HEMP INVESTMENT we carry out activities in a wide range of ecology, based on the cultivation of hemp. It is a plant with unlimited application possibilities, covering f.e.bio pharmaceuticals, textile fibers, composite materials and many, many more!
The company adopts a long-term approach to strategic decision making. We believe in responsible environmental management.

Our mission is to create a vision of living in harmony with nature, based on mutual respect.

How are we different?

Hemp Investment as a trading company was established in 1996. The continuation of the family tradition confirmed our belief that values such as family, tradition and respect for the world around us constitute the basis of a harmonious world and build the foundations of our actions.


We make sure that all our actions are taken in harmony with nature.


At Hemp Investment, we create a team based on respect and trust. We are proud to call ourselves family.


We care about history and the older generation. It is a source of knowledge and life values for us.

Company details:

Hemp Investment Sp. z o.o.

Towarowa 20b, 10-417 Olsztyn
NIP: 952-121-25-20
REGON 012206206

Share capital: 100 tys. zł